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Andaltec develops a laser device to microtexture metallic and plastic surfaces - Andaltec
Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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Andaltec develops a laser device to microtexture metallic and plastic surfaces

Microtextures Laser

Andaltec develops a laser device to microtexture metallic and plastic surfaces

The Technological Centre for Plastics (Andaltec) has launched a R&D project for the development of plastic parts with aesthetic properties and advanced functions thanks to the use of laser microtexturing. Fully developed within Andaltec, this programme intends to validate a laser device to microtexture plastic and metallic surfaces. The final goal is achieving the technological capability to modify the superficial state of plastic parts or the metallic matrices moulding them. The project’s purpose is providing the plastic part with special properties, such as allowing light go through, in a selective and uniform way, machining of mould inserts with zero radius or providing the desired area with anti-condensation or hydrophobic properties. This technique can also be used for academic or research purposes, in experiments searching for future applications still to be identified.

Thanks to this project, Andaltec will be able to make this Advanced Technological Service available for companies, so that they can in turn offer this technology to their customers, boosting their productivity. In the future, the technological centre intends companies to continue exploiting results, manufacturing and marketing machines serially, always counting with Andaltec’s consulting services,

This Project is inscribed within Andaltec’s specializing scheme on laser industrial processes, as a consequence of the centre’s participation in important international R&D projects in this area. Andaltec has developed in recent years technological capabilities focused on techniques such as laser cutting, welding and microstructuring, especially for the automotive and food packaging sectors.

Andaltec already counts with a specialized laser area, working on cutting welding and joinings, even between materials with different fusion point and nature, such as the union of plastic and metal materials. Andaltec has acquired these technological competences through its participation in European projects such as PMJoin, in which they have developed an innovative system to join plastic and metal, employing laser techniques.

Another European Project in this field participated by Andaltec is Essial, focused on the development of new industrial processes in order to join metallic structures by means of laser. The consortium in charge of this project, in progress until 2021 funded by the H2020 European scheme, is currently researching on advanced manufacturing processes to enhance the performance and functionality of magnetic circuits present in power converters. The same team at Andaltec developed equipment for thermoconformed part cutting by means of laser technology for a company in Jaén. This technique allows cutting complex parts quickly and accurately, leaving a non-aggressive edge on the part.This programme receives funding from Jaén’s Provincial Government, thanks to the grants directed to the technological centres in the province in order to improve the competitiveness of economic sectors and employment rates, all of that within the General Employment Programme for the Province of Jaén 2018.