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Andaltec launches an innovative project to solve the condensation issues in lighting systems for the automotive sector - Andaltec
Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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Andaltec launches an innovative project to solve the condensation issues in lighting systems for the automotive sector

Andaltec launches an innovative project to solve the condensation issues in lighting systems for the automotive sector

The Technological Centre for Plastics (Andaltec) has launched an innovative project intended to solve the condensation issues experienced by lighting systems in the automotive sector. At present, the intensive use of LED technology is resulting in cross-sectional technological challenges in several engineering fields, especially those related to humidity and condensation control on glass and lenses. In this context, the in-house project by Andaltec provides a technical solution to this problem. In parallel, it is being implemented in simulation software such as Ansys Fluent and FloEFD to perform CFD simulations, as well as in Ansys Mechanical in order to perform mechanical FEM analysis.

Carmelo Latorre, Head of Engineering for Andaltec, explains that this novel approach allows to face condensation issues efficiently, as nowadays they are only addressed by means of venting solutions. “We have opted for systems and simulations that allow us to offer lighting systems manufactures the more efficient technical alternatives, presenting solutions based on mechanical and/or electronic systems”, as he states. Hence, this new service provided by Andaltec uses cutting-edge software, in order to deliver high-precision results, and providing faster customer feedback at the same time.

Latorre highlights that currently there are no similar solutions in the market, which positions Andaltec as a pioneerig centre with respect to applying this solution to tackle one of the main issues in lighting systems for land transportation must face nowadays. This project will be a valuable addition to the services offered by the Engineering area in the technological centre, which works with newest software in order to optimise and validate product and process design. Andaltec’s technicians can provide services such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD), mechanical, thermal, solar radiation or condensation simulations, as well as rheological (Moldflow) or thermoforming (T-SIM) simulations.

Andaltec is a National Technological Centre, certified by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It houses a crew of 100 qualified workers in more than 10,000 square meters of high-tech facilities, one of the biggest in Andalusia. Andaltec’s headquarters in Martos possess the latest technological equipment for research, development and validation of new products and materials, as well as for process optimisation. Besides, the centre works directly with major software providers in order to offer more accurate services and faster feedback to clients.