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Companies from nine contries in South and Central America are interested in services provided by Andaltec - Andaltec
Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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Companies from nine contries in South and Central America are interested in services provided by Andaltec

Companies from nine contries in South and Central America are interested in services provided by Andaltec

Companies from nine countries in South and Central America have shown great interest in hiring Andaltec’s R&D services along the first nine months of the year. More than fifty companies and research entities form Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras and Panama have requested for information about these technological services. In many cases, Andaltec has eventually carried out those R&D operations, related to lab services and prototype construction mainly. Other times, several technological enquiries were dealt with, which helped companies to solve doubts or problems related to materials, part design or product manufacture, in spite of the service not being eventually carried out.

The most demanded services from these companies are the material selection and consultancy for manufacture technology selection, as well as packaging design and manufacture. The corporations are also interested in lab validation tests for parts and materials; migration testing, for which Andaltec is certified by ENAC; and chemical analysis in order to determine samples’ raw materials. Besides, the Martos-based technological centre has received requests for prototype construction, marketing of products developed in Andaltec or even for the organisation of training sessions.

The Head of Business Development for Andaltec, Daniel Aguilera, states that the cultural bond stemming from a shared language and the international prestige earned by the technological centre have aroused this great interest in our technological services. He claims that “Andaltec is a technological centre that currently has customers in four different continents, in line with our internationalisation effort, strengthened by our trajectory and excellence. In fact, we are world leaders in certain fields, so we have services requested from companies all over the globe.

This service consultancy for South and Central American entities means a step further into the Martos-based centre’s internationalisation strategy. Thus, the foundation offers technological services to companies from several countries, increasing its participation in international projects at the same time. Andaltec has taken part in several European R&D projects, such as Compolive (development of biomaterials from olive fiber) Life rPack2L (enhancement of the recycling system of multilayer plastics for the food industry); CPV4ALL (development of more efficient and economical solar concentrators for urban areas); or Sufoflex (development of smart packaging for fourth range fruit).