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New line of activity in Andaltec devoted to lighting systems for electric bikes - Andaltec
Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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New line of activity in Andaltec devoted to lighting systems for electric bikes

New line of activity in Andaltec devoted to lighting systems for electric bikes

Andaltec Technological Centre has set up a new lie of activity focused on the development of lighting and indicating systems for electric bicycles. This organisation has already cooperated in several projects with major companies in this area, thanks to its vast experience in the field of automotive lighting.

Thanks to its comprehensive resources, the Technological Centre can perform the entire process, from the design of the lighting systems, always adapted to the customer’s style, to the official product approval. This procedure includes mechanical design, CAE simulations, prototype manufacture, as well as the necessary testing to apply for the official product approval, in accordance with current legislation and the customer’s specifications. Daniel Aguilera, Head of Business Development for Andaltec, emphasises the growing importance of lighting systems for electric bicycles, since their ever-rising range allows them to be employed for commuting and city trips.

 “It is very important that electric bicycles display officially approved and high -brightness lighting systems, allowing the cyclist to see and be seen at night. This is a critical device to guarantee safety for a type of bicycles whose use for night-time urban trips is on the rise”, as he states.

The sale of electric bicycles has surged worldwide since the COVID pandemic, due to high fuel prices and the rising awareness of the need for daily physical activity. Hence, 1,26 million units were sold in Spain in 2023, whereas this figure rises to 5.5 million if we look at the whole of Europe (2022).

Área de Lighting

Lighting Area

Andaltec’s Lighting Area features an expert and skilled multidisciplinary team specialised in CAD, CAE, optics, electronics and prototypes. They offer specific services supporting companies to develop bicycle lighting devices complying with every current regulation.

Besides, Andaltec can offer advanced technological equipment for this type of projects, such as the integrating sphere (1 metre in diameter, used for light source characterisation), a 3-angle retroreflectometre, goniophotometer (with cells at 25, 10 and 3.15 metres), and a colorimeter (at 25 and 3.15 metres), all of them available for the validation of multiple lighting systems and types.

Finalmente, Andaltec pone a disposición de las empresas un túnel de simulación nocturna en carretera de grandes dimensiones (80x20x4 metros) con tres carriles más arcenes, para el control de dispersión de luz proyectada al suelo-lados-techo, con suelo optimizado para detectar cambios de color y de intensidad, idóneo para el análisis y comparación de dispositivos en estático.

Lastly, Andaltec also makes available a night simulation tunnel (measures: 80m long X 20m wide X 4 m high), with 3 lanes plus hard shoulders for dispersion control of light projected to ground-sides-ceiling. It also counts with enhanced flooring to identify changes in colour and intensity, optimal for the analysis and comparative of static devices.