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Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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R&D Projects


The R&D Project team in Andaltec counts with extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment to make your ideas come true.

What’s more, we help you to prepare technological and economic applications for R&D projects. We also advise your company to achieve the suitable funding for your project (regional, national and international R&D funding schemes).

The R&D areas that we deal with are the following:

  • New materials
  • Food packaging
  • Development of non-conventional products and processes
  • Lighting equipment development
Andaltec R&D
  • Nanotechnology and nanoscience. Development of new plastic materials, enhanced through nanometric compound additives. Compatibilisation of plastic blends by means of nanostructured compatibilisers.
  • Recycling and biodegradability. Development and optimisation of recycling processes for traditional polymers. New strategies to deal with hard-to-recycle polymers. Research on new plastic biodegradable materials, focusing on innovative uses for the developed materials.
  • New plastic products. Research and development of new products made up of plastic, concepts or systems with innovative applications. Development of new materials composed of plastic, substituting other more traditional manufacturing materials.
  • Active, smart packaging. Development of new techniques for food packaging and new plastic materials. These are directed to extending food life cycle, determine their preservation status and increase package sustainability in competitive market conditions.
  • Operations improvement. Research on new techniques to increase corporate productivity, including development and optimisation of existing methodologies by means of lean manufacturing techniques.
  • New production processes. Development of more efficient and effective processes, including innovative technologies focused on production improvement, always trying to increase the final product’s added value.
  • Development of light reflection systems. Production of light-reflectant items, employing mainly polymeric bases. LED and OLED developments, new projectors and car lamps, solar reflectors…

Send us an e-mail to and we will contact you shortly.

Andaltec is part of the Spanish PIDI Network, which entitles us to provide information and assessment on the different granting and funding schemes managed by the Spanish Industrial Technological Development Centre (CDTI in its original acronym).


AUTORREPARA (Self-repair)

Development of self-regulating thermoplastics based on encapsulation technology.

PROTECTOR PARTO (Baby delivery protector)

Protecting device for the childbirth moment.


Preservation of highly perishable food by means of active packaging, which incorporates natural compounds from the olive oil industry.


Research network specialising in the development of new materials based on nanocarbon compounds, which intend the improvement of properties such as thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical conductivity.

CONSERVAPESCA (Fishing foods preservation)

New technological solutions for fishing foods preservation.

TUESTE DOMÉSTICO (Home roasting)

Development and characterisation of flexible film for food packaging.


Development of innovative solutions to improve cold chain supply for chopped fruit, employing multi barrier technology.


Development of solar concentrators for urban areas.


Groundbreaking system to transform urban solid waste into fuel.

PALET (Pallet)

Development and optimisation of extrusion-manufactured plastic pallets.


Extending fish lifespan by means of packaging enhanced by additives with natural antimicrobial and antibacterial agents.


Development of microstructuration processes and laser joints for metallic structures.


Production of plastic-metal joints by means of laser welding, for industrial applications.


Plastics optimisation employing additives for nano activated clay.


Development of sustainable smart food packaging.


Packaging development for the food industry, based on nanomaterials like graphene.