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Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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Migration Testing

Migration testing

The European regulation UE 10/2011 on plastic materials intended to come into contact with food states that those materials and plastic articles mustn’t transmit their ingredients to food simulants in quantities above 10 miligrams of released simulant per square decimetre of surface contact (mg/sqdm).

The labs at Andaltec are ready to perfom global migration tests so as to verify that plastic materials and articles won’t exceed the Global Migration Limit (GML). The GML is the maximum legal amount of non-volatile substances released from any material or article into food simulants. The Commission regulation includes the requirements to meet by packaging containing food exposed to changes in its regular temperature, such as microwaving, baking, freezing or long-lasting refrigeration.


The physical-chemical lab in Andaltec is validated by ENAC (Spanish national validation entity) for the performance of these global migration tests, including the following provisions:

  • Testing method for global migration in olive oil through full immersion. UNE-EN 1186-2:2002
  • Testing method for global migration in water food simulants through full immersion. UNE-EN 1186-3:2002
  • Testing method for global migration in olive oil by means of a bag. UNE-EN_1186-6:2002
  • Testing method for global migration in water food simulants by means of a bag. UNE-EN_1186-7:2002
  • Testing method for global migration in olive oil simulants by means of filling. UNE-EN_1186-8:2002
  • Testing method for global migration in water simulants by means of filling. UNE-EN_1186-9:2002
  • Testing method for the replacement tests in global migration for food which is fatty in iso-octane and ethanol. UNE-EN_1186-14:2003


Our technological centre can also carry out specific migration tests, which are intended to verify that materials and plastic articles are under the Specific Migration Limit (SML), as it is specified in the Regulation UE 10/2011. The SML is the maximum permitted quantity of a given substance that can migrate from a material or article into foodstuffs or food simulants. In these cases, testing is performed on the packaging simulating different situations, such as ambient temperature storage and freezing for several months or heating at diverse temperatures.

Who can perform this type of tests?

The economic operator must provide the authorities, when requested, with the relevant documents proving that materials and articles, the products from intermediate manufacturing processes and the substances for the manufacture of these materials and articles comply with the requirements contained in the Commission Regulation UE 10/2011.

Those documents have to specify the conditions and results from the tests, estimations, simulations and any other testing, as well as evidence on safety or, otherwise, an argumentation proving compliance.

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