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Optics and Photometry - Andaltec
Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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Optics and Photometry


Our LIGHTING department can support your company with the design and development of lighting systems for different uses and areas: internal and external lighting for vehicles, street lighting systems, Fresnel and parabolic solar concentrators…

We are widely experienced in the development of traditional optic surfaces, such as reflectors, prisms, or filters, as well as advanced technologies: light guides, flat guides, collimators and total internal reflection.

Andaltec Optics and Photometry

Andaltec can support your company during all the development stages of any lighting system:

  • E– Study of geometrical and optical feasibility.
  • Design and optical simulation, using Lucidshape software. Rendering of the light’s “on” appearance.
  • Design and manufacture of prototypes and optical models for their technical and functional validation.
  • Photometric testing for validation in accordance with different official regulations: ECE, SAE, JIS…




  • Road simulation tunnel (measures: 80m long X 20m wide X 4 m high), with 3 lanes plus hard shoulders to control vehicle lighting systems. Enhanced flooring to identify changes in colour and intensity.
  • On-road appearance testing within a controlled and repetitive environment.
  • System for the development and fitting of new optical equipment.
  • Photometric tunnel with a goniophotometer and cells at 25, 10 and 3.15 metres; colorimeter at 25 and 3.15 metres, devoted to validation of vehicles’ front and rear lighting systems for the European, American, Chinese or Japanese markets, among others.
  • 3-angle retroreflectometer.
  • Integrating sphere (1 metre in diameter), used for light source characterisation.




  • Value determination for photometric and luminous intensity.
  • Characterisation of a lighting system (goniometer).
  • Colourimetry.
  • Characterisation of photometric court.
  • Fitting of lighting systems.
  • Verification for compliance with ECE official regulations, as well as other standards required for homologation.
Andaltec Automotive



  • Interior lighting
    • Design, optical simulation and prototyping of light guides for interior lighting.
    • Development of ceiling light with backlit button panel.


  • Exterior lighting
    • Headlamps
      • Development of innovative optical modules; for example, beam and low-beam light with Matrix Beam LED technology.
      • Complete LED Headlamps (HL).
    • Rearlamps
      • Complete LED Rearlamps (RL).
    • Raised stop lamp
      • Complete LED Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL).



Other sectors of activity


  • Photovoltaic solar concentrator, with Fresnel lens: design and optical simulation, Moldflow, mechanical simulations…
  • Development of elevated lighting devices for street lighting.


Phone number: +34 953 555 117 ext 218