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Andaltec es un centro tecnológico especializado en sistemas de iluminación para automoción, plásticos en contacto con alimentos, prototipado y materiales.
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Andaltec offers an all-round engineering service, spanning from the original idea up to the delivery of a completely finished product. We can also hand in a prototype or pre-series product, if requested by the customer.

Andaltec can produce all the samples and prototypes needed for the development stage, as well as manufacture small pilot series of the product before the final serial production.

We handle a wide range of technologies and materials for part prototyping. We are widely experienced in different areas such as the automotive and aeronautic industries, lighting, healthcare sector and packaging.

We offer non-binding consultancy on the most suitable technology and materials for your prototype manufacture, taking into account all the requested aesthetic and functional requirements.

You can ask for assessment and a non-binding estimate of costs.

Phone number: +34 953 555 117, extensions 232 / 243



Andaltec, thanks to our designer-customer cooperation, can carry out the whole process from the first sketch up to the production of a design ready to be prototyped.

Once the final 3-D design is generated, prototypes can be manufactured for the previous CAD geometry validation prior to industrial production.





Silicone moulds are really versatile, allowing for production of simple or complex parts. Using just one mould, pre-series of 20 to 25 parts can be produced, employing a wide range of technical resins which practically replicate any existing industrial plastic, such as ABS, PP, PA, PC, … The resulting parts will grant great advantages, like testing with materials simulating the final result (validation of mechanical, thermal or static properties), transparent parts and elastomer parts with different degrees of hardness.

This allows for the production of overmoulded parts, rigid and elastomer materials, as well as parts with metallic inserts. Besides, these prototypes can be very valuable when probing the market before serial production, as well as for small series to be marketed. This product is aimed at areas such as the automotive industry, home appliances, lighting, packaging, healthcare or aeronautic industries.



Andaltec offer its customers a wide range of CNC machining options, which constitutes the fastest and most economical solution for certain parts or geometries. We can produce parts in a great variety of materials, such as aluminium, steel, ABS, PC, PMMA, PA, Celotex, POM…

The technological centre owns several high-speed 3-Axis and 5-Axis machining centres, which allows us to meet the growing demand, producing high precision (minimum radius: 0.05mm) and quality models.

We can manufacture from just a single component up to a small series of machined parts.

For larger series (no more than 10,000 units), we count with the necessary equipment to design, develop and manufacture fast aluminium moulds. Besides, we can carry out their injection in our facilities too.



Andaltec owns two LAGOS paint booths in its cutting- edge facilities. Thanks to them, it is possible to give the prototype a coating with an innovative style, adapt them to any corporative colours or carry out different textured and granite finishings to meet every design need. Thus, it is possible to obtain prototypes resembling very closely the final products, with a high quality and very efficient delivery schedule.

Moreover, we can offer our customers metallising equipment for high vacuum plastic parts, allowing us to carry out plasma treatments and surface treatment for high vacuum salt. This technique gives a metallised, golden or silver appearance to many types of plastic parts.

This equipment lets us apply a surface coating on our prototypes, for purely aesthetic purposes or functional ones, if required to be light reflectant.